Hello all, I am Shubham in this post we are going to learn about another tool of fuzzing, as we know that fuzzing is one of the most important part when it’s comes into web testing for search hidden files and folder (directories). Which helps an attacker to find out more and most useful information like some kind of configuration files or private stuff’s.

AngryFuzzer is python based automated script which use fuzzdb’s wordlist, as well as allow to use custom dictionary/wordlist. It having different options that we are going to look. “Remember that Information Gathering is base to find out more vulnerabilities.”

First open terminal and download it by using command given below, can also run it on windows platform if having proper set of python.

git clone https://github.com/ihebski/angryFuzzer.git
cd angryFuzzer
pip install -r requirements.txt //to install dependencies
python angryFuzzer.py 

There are three different examples given below according to the target, and how smartly can use wordlist into it.

For normal run “python angryFuzzer.py -u example.com”

For run against CMS (WP, DP) “python angryFuzzer.py -u example.com wp”

Angryfuzzer also provide custom wordlist/dictionary option with -w parameter, so tester/attacker can able to use customize wordlist against target.

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