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Bug hunting is one of the popular stuff now a days.

How I got my first bug on Bug Crowd

Hello everyone I am Shubham (P3nt3st_guy) I am a Cyber Security Analyst. This story about few months before where I stared getting into the bug hunting, as everyone knows...
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Hello all, I hope your doing well. So today we are going to discuss one the topic related android application vapt, which rarely found...

KB-VULN: 2 Vulnhub Machine Walkthorugh

Hello friend's, hope all doing great as well. This is walkthrough for machine KB-VULN:2 which is good start for beginner's, machine create by Machineboy...

Hack The Box: Cache Writeup

Cache is Linux box which having IP address, Let’s start with nmap scan and some enumeration part. #nmap PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 22/tcp open ssh OpenSSH...