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Vulnhub is one of the famous platform for capture the flag. which provide offline ctf machine.

So Simple 1: Vulnhub Walkthrough

So Simple is Easy/Beginners level CTF machine available on Vulnhub create by @roelvb79. There are three flags (2 user and 1 root flag). Which you can download from here. #nmap $nmap...
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Alfa: 1 Vulnhub Machine Walkthrough

Alfa: 1 is another awesome box on vulnhub. The difficulties of this box is Medium, and need to do Enumeration, Brute Force to get...

Protected: Hack The Box: Cap Walkthrough

#nmap PORT STATE SERVICE 21/tcp open ftp 22/tcp open ssh 80/tcp open http visit web service on port number 80...

Basic Netcat Guide

Hello Everyone, hope you doing well and safe. As I am writing posts after a long time, I simply thought that let's start things...